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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Next Generation Community in Kinshasa

Location: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Partner: Bana ya Kivuvu

Women working as prostitutes in the poorest districts of Kinshasa endure misery, poverty and abuse every day. Aged 18 to 40, they have little education and few skills. Selling their bodies is a matter of survival. They must be with 10 men a day just to earn enough to feed themselves. These women need love, hope and kindness - a life they deserve.

Selling clothes on the streets of Kinshasa

Their story

The 'cheap girls' no more

We’re known as the ‘cheap’ girls because we sell our bodies for virtually nothing. But prostitution is the only way to survive when you’re as poor and desperate as we are.

Imagine if someone believed in us and gave us a chance. We could develop vital skills, start up a business, learn to love ourselves. With the backing of people who care, we could put prostitution behind us, for good.

Learning a new craft

Their project

Open a world of possibility

Your monthly gifts will support a woman through a life-changing programme. It runs over three and a half years, and happens in three stages:

  • Befriend and care. Our team hit the streets to find and befriend women, and invite them to Bible studies. This stage, which can last 18 months, is about fellowship and friendship.
  • Residential training. Sixteen women each year are invited to our 12-month residential training centre, to learn sewing, tailoring, business skills, literacy and numeracy. It’s all rooted in Christian teaching, so the women can recognise their value and grow in faith.
  • Launch a business. Eight women with the most potential are offered a further year’s training and support to open a sewing workshop and employ future graduates as their enterprise grows
Visiting the girls at the project

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