Next Generation Community in Kimilili

Location: Kimilili, Kenya

Partner: Dreamland Mission Hospital

Every year, around 1,600 children in Kenya are diagnosed with club foot - where one or both feet twist inwards, causing the child to walk on their ankles.

This condition not only severely impacts a child's mobility, but adversely affects the welfare of the whole family, with many becoming isolated from their community.

But following surgery and rehabilitation, a child's life of marginalisation and exclusion suddenly becomes one of independence. They are able to walk and run for the first time in their lives.

Orthopaedic team conducting a consultation

Their story

A transformation, in every sense

"We thought all of this was impossible, but now we are all proud!"

Disabled since birth, Brenda was bullied at school and often excluded. She was held back from multiple school years and felt a failure. Corrective surgery was too expensive for her family, but one day she met a boy who had been confined to a wheelchair…but now he was walking, unaided! Brenda’s enquiries brought her to Dreamland Mission Hospital, and two months later she had surgery.

It was genuinely transformational, as now she walks, has gained confidence and is progressing at school. She speaks about the future with hope, looking forward to a career and an independent life.

Their project

Surgery and beyond

Your monthly gift will provide 80 club foot surgeries and rehabilitation so children can walk for the first time.

Your financial commitment will support our orthopaedic team, help change community mindsets around club foot, and give children and their family's a new lease of life.

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