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South Africa

Next Generation Community in Roodewal

Location: Roodewal, South Africa

Partner: Change Makers

Family breakdown and domestic violence is the sobering reality for many children growing up in Roodewal, South Africa. 80% of children in this community have no father figure in their life. Faced with this background, teenagers are pulled into street gangs where alcohol and drug abuse becomes commonplace.

Project Possible is committed to helping young men break this perpetual cycle of addiction, crime and prison through a four-stage programme from detox to employment - showing each man that they have incredible potential to realise their ambitions. The end results are incredible; over the last eight years, 57% of the men who have been through the programme are still in employment.

Men learning new skills

Their story

When gang members see me now, they stand in awe of my transformation.

Gang life led to theft, assault, prison and drug addiction for Zane. But in 2020, Zane decided he had to change his life for good and asked to join Project Possible’s programme. Today he is reunited with his girlfriend, plans to get married and be a father to his three children.

Zane, along with hundreds of other young men, found a place of acceptance and support through Project Possible. They were given the chance to develop and learn new skills, restore broken relationships and uncover incredible dreams for their future.


Their project

From detox to employment

Your monthly gift will support a young man through a 6-month rehabilitation programme, plus ongoing aftercare support.

There are four stages to the programme:
● Detox: Physical healing from drugs and alcohol is the first step for each man.
● Rehab: Once the men are through detox, they begin to take part in daily chores and discipleship meetings, with a focus on helping to change behaviours.
● Developing skills: This part of the programme focuses on the men developing useful vocational skills and also restoring relationships with family and friends, ready to reintegrate back into their community.
● Aftercare: Each man receives continued support as they return to their families and begin to seek meaningful employment.

At the very heart of this programme is the message of the Christian faith and helping the men to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Healed and open to a world of possibility

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