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Next Generation Community in Malkangiri

Location: Malkangiri, India

Partner: asha-kiran

Though 400 languages are spoken in India, schools only teach in 16 national and state level languages. Children, from the villages in Malkangiri, are expected to learn in a language foreign to them. Unsupported from a very early age most drop out of school.

Project Possible run local schools that teach differently through play, songs and games. We employ local people to be teachers. Children learn to read and write confidently in their own local language before learning a language taught at government schools.

Now all go to secondary schools, opening up a world of possibility in their lives.

Learning in their local language first

Their story

'My teachers showed me kindness and I began to enjoy learning the songs and games in my local language.’

Sujit was a very shy child, crying at school as soon as his mother left him. Often running home the first chance he got. His teacher, a local villager, did not give up on Sujit. With their encouragement Sujit saw that school was fun. He felt happy and began coming each day on his own.

‘I loved the songs and games they taught. I really liked learning to write my letters in mud or using stones and seeds. It was fun. Now I am in grade 5 and have passed an entrance exam to a government school.’

Local people teach the children

Their project

Your monthly gift will support 700 children to attend school for a whole year.

Your financial commitment will support our local teacher workforce and encourage local families to become more involved in the running of their village schools.

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