We were Rope. Now we’re Project Possible.

It’s an exciting new chapter for the charity. Come and see what all the fuss is about…

Big change comes from small beginnings. It just needs a spark…

Their possibilities

Your chance to be the spark

In the small corners of the world, people with a tough start in life are making their move. They have ambition, the ideas to make life better. But they need someone to back them, to be their ‘spark’.

That’s what Project Possible is all about – launching poverty-fighting ventures that open the door of possibility.

Latest spark projects

Bite-size, time-bound poverty-fighting ventures


The Trailblazing Teachers of Malkangiri

3% of £4,883


These young teachers want to inspire local children to love learning by teaching them in their own language for the first time.


The Tenacious Tradesmen of Naivasha

10% of £2,496


Life on the streets taught these young men that nothing is for free. Now skilled tradesmen they are eager to work hard and be masters of their own future.


The Shining Light Designers of Gilgit

22% of £4,413


Six women, held back by tradition but brimming with ideas and confidence for a better future

Why Project Possible?

What makes us that little bit different

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