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Next Generation Community in Gilgit

Location: Gilgit, Pakistan

Partner: Shining Light Community Development Organisation

The Gujjar people are a traditional farming community. Wary of outsiders and conservative in nature, most live in poverty. Women are raised simply. They marry young, have children and become home makers.

Our partners are training and mentoring Gujjar women to make and sell clothes. All have graduated from basic training and are opening small home-based businesses. Alongside mentoring support and advice, some of the women are learning more advanced techniques so they can create a wide range of clothes for local people.

The women are developing confidence in themselves and they are beginning to earn a regular income to support their families as demand for their clothes increases.

Women are confident in themselves

Their story

Opening possibilities

'When I first came on the course, I couldn’t even thread a needle, but everyone was kind and helped me learn.’

Naima smiles as she remembers her first few weeks on the course. She holds her new sewing machine with pride on graduation day. Now she is confident and excited about the possibilities in her life.

‘Today I am trained and I can open a small business from my home. I want to support my parents by making well-made clothes for people in my village.'

Naima ready to begin working

Their project

Your monthly gift will support 50 women as they make quality clothes for local people.

Your financial support will provide each woman with regular access to a local trainer and mentoring from our on the ground project team as the women open home-based businesses.

Finding hope and possibility

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