Naivasha, Kenya

The Tenacious Tradesmen of Naivasha

Length of project: 12 months

Partner: Kenya Sunshine

Years spent homeless living on the streets of Naivasha taught us a tough lesson in life. Nothing in life is for free and in a country with 24 million young people unemployed, you can’t leave it to chance.
We have worked hard and learnt trades - plumbing, catering, shoemaking! All practical trades in high demand in our local community. We are eager to work hard and value our own future.

George always wanted to be a mechanic

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Their story

Skilled tradesmen eager to work

We don’t want our past to dictate our future. We spent years on the streets, overlooked and rejected. Our families couldn’t provide for us, so we found other ways to survive. It made us self-driven and determined to use hard work as our way out of poverty.

Project Possible saw our potential and gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come off the streets, have a home, counselling and receive education. They have helped us go to college and learn a trade. Now we can proudly call ourselves skilled tradesmen - handyman, plumber, mechanic, shoemaker and caterer.

Many local people want the services of a good tradesman. With the right tools we can go where the work is, to people’s homes or local businesses. We don’t need shops we just need the tools and equipment to kick-start our poverty-fighting venture!

Skilled tradesmen ready to kick-start their ventures
“Life on the streets was tough, but my past does not bind my future. People always need new shoes and shoes repairing, so if I have the right tools and work hard I will earn a living.” Benson is ready to start work

Their project

Ready-to-go tradesmen with rough pasts

Project Possible will work with local partner Kenya Sunshine to get these six young men launched into the world of work by providing all with tools alongside mentoring and support.

We’ll be working closely with our partner to:

  • Provide each tradesman with tools
  • Provide mentoring and support as they become self employed tradesmen
Shoemaker Benson

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