Teso, Uganda

The Fair-Trading Farmers of Soroti

Length of project: 12 months

Partner: Youth Action Uganda

Local women, who’ve faced crushing poverty in the past, are working together to farm their land. They want to open enterprises, selling their crops alongside trading seeds and produce, all at competitive prices!

Project details

Farming for these women feeds their families and sends their children to school.

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Their story

Farming for business

We’re local women, who love to farm. We don’t do it as a hobby, we do it as a business. It feeds our children, sends them to school and pays our medical bills. In the past we struggled to make money off our land, but Project Possible’s training has helped us so much. Though droughts and floods are a constant challenge we are united women. We work in four farming groups helping each other to plant, weed and harvest our crops. We’re in it together!

We know how to make the money in our pocket go further. We are canny buyers ourselves! We know the best prices in the markets! By talking and sharing we stretch our money that bit more!

We want to set up four trading enterprises in Soroti. We will buy and sell seeds and produce alongside selling our own crops at the markets. We want to rent space to store our produce safely, we’ll buy when prices are low and sell when the market goes up! With these poverty-fighting ventures we can trade fairly in our community and earn money to feed, clothe and send our children to school!

All have learnt how to work the land profitably.
“I work hard and make money from farming. It’s a serious business. As a group we can make a profit from this business. We'll use the profits to buy seed for vulnerable people in our community and we'll inspire other local women to farm.” Atimong Mary

Their project

Trading fairly in our community

Project Possible is working with local partner Youth Action Uganda to help women in four farming groups to open enterprises to sell their own crops and trade in other produce.

We’ll be working closely with our partner to:

  1. Provide Atimong Mary and the other farmers with capital to rent space and purchase produce at competitive prices.
  2. Business Mentoring and support to the women to manage their ventures as they expand.
The women have been through our Next Generation project learning how to make money off the land.

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