El Alto, Bolivia

The Digitally-Connected Families of El Alto

Length of project: 12 months

Partner: Project Suma

These women and their families have faced injustice and trauma. Determined and talented, they've set up home based enterprises. Local demand is growing, but they need help to go use the power of social media and reach more customers.

Project details

Delia carefully cuts Bolivian leather and cloth to make handbags.

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Their story

Blessings flow through bakes and bags

Meet Jhovana, Delia and their families.

We have both known trauma in our past lives. Years of crushing poverty pulled us into dark places. However, we found strength to get help with Project Possible. We are determined that our children don’t face the same things. When the pandemic struck it was tough, but we used our talents to create new ventures to support our families.

I am Jhovanna and I started making bread in the pandemic to feed my family. Discovering a talent, I made and sold bread, pastries and cakes to local families. Everyone loved my food. My daughter Jocelyn helped me to sell. With her ideas and design skills we can create personalised cakes for family celebrations.

I am Delia and I gained my passion for sewing from my mother. Though I worked for a social enterprise I wanted to make my own designs. Combining leather and cloth, I made handbags, shopping bags - all my own creations. I sold them to friends and local people. My grandson, Fernando, kept encouraging me. He wants to create a brand and logo for my venture.

Both Jocelyn and Fernando have skills to help expand our new ventures. They are both social media savvy and with training can boost our businesses by selling more of our bakes and bags.

Jhovanna proudly shows one of her delicious bakes.
“My online bakery will be successful! Fresh ingredients, Bolivian flavours and uniquely personalised cakes – all served with kindness, sweetness and respect. An unforgettable experience from the first to the very last bite!” Jhovanna's bakery

Their project

Creative online ventures

Project Possible is working with local partner Word Made Flesh to help these women and their families expand their ventures – a bakery and a handbag shop. These new ventures will be family-run, utilise the power of social media and provide a fresh opportunity for the whole family.

We’ll be working closely with our partner to:

  1. Provide Jhovanna and Delia with capital to purchase raw ingredients and equipment
  2. Provide digital training for Jocelyn and Fernado so they can help expand the ventures
  3. Mentoring and support to help the families manage their ventures as they expand.
Jhovanna and Delia are providing for their families through their talents.

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