We were Rope. Now we’re Project Possible.

It’s an exciting new chapter for the charity. Come and see what all the fuss is about…

Naivasha, Kenya

The Close-Knit Sunshine Entrepreneurs of Naivasha

Length of project: 18 months

Partner: Kenya Sunshine

In our country, youth unemployment is a daunting statistic. The government tells us that there are 24 million of us. But we don’t want to be part of that figure. Yes, we come from traumatic backgrounds and spent our childhood living on the streets, but we don’t want that to define our future. We are entrepreneurs and the best of friends. We have big dreams for the future to run our own car mechanic workshop and fast food kiosk.

Meet Paul, a budding entrepreneur


90% of £4,283


Their story

Young men with big dreams

Growing up on the streets, it’s easy to be overlooked and forgotten by everyone. And yet for those of us who have survived traumatic childhoods, we’ve learnt the art of resilience. It’s that essence of grit and determination that tells us we don’t have to be limited by our circumstances.

Project Possible saw our potential and they gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive education, counselling and a home life. We became best of friends through Project Possible and went on to achieve further education in automotive engineering and hospitality management. Now with new knowledge and certificates under our belts we are full of ideas to support each other as we get our car mechanic workshop and fast food kiosk underway.

With a bit of investment we can buy the equipment and tools we need to realise our potential and begin to grow our very own businesses.

Paul and George learning their trade
“I want to give back to my community by giving automobile classes to other young people like me. I'm full of ideas of how to make this business successful.” Paul's dream

Their project

A business for the whole community

We’re partnering with Kenya Sunshine to ensure this project supports Paul and George in the best way possible and that the impact of good business will be felt across their community.

We’ll be working closely with our partners to:

  • Provide Paul and George with the start-up capital to rent their mechanic workshop and catering premises, plus the material and stock to get their business started
  • Train Paul and George in book-keeping and the importance of understanding cash flow
  • Support Paul and George as they put their great publicity ideas into action
Learning the car mechanic's trade

Messages from supporters

Prayers, encouragements and shout outs

Dave £50

You two lads are a real inspiration - go get 'em!

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