We were Rope. Now we’re Project Possible.

It’s an exciting new chapter for the charity. Come and see what all the fuss is about…

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

The Adept Artisans of Santo Domingo

Length of project: 12-18 months

Partner: Artizan International

Trapped. Overlooked. Forgotten. That’s often how we feel. Yes, we have disabilities, but we’re so much more than that. Spend a few moments with us and you’ll see we are a group of dedicated, hard-working individuals. We’re already on the way to discovering and learning how to use our craft-based skills and we know we have the potential to turn these skills into businesses.

Meet Adolfo and his family


76% of £7,663


Their story

Seeing beyond disability

It’s hard to feel self-worth when your skills are overlooked because of your disabilities. We all have families to care for, but the past has been a daily struggle to rise above our circumstances and just put food on the table.

We feel quite emotional when we remember the time Project Possible reached out to us and saw beyond our disabilities. Many of us were living in varying states of depression, but now we have a community that believes in us. They have mentored us and invested in us. They are training us up in the basic skills of craftsmanship. We now use our hands to create beautiful hand-made cards.

WIth grit and determination, we’ve made it this far already, but will you help us write the next chapter of our story? To turn our new skills into a business that will sustain our families, we need investment to access specialist training. This will help us diversify our skills so that we can set-up unique artisan businesses from our homes.

The budding artisans receive their training
“I’d love to increase the range of things I can make and sell, to the project and to the rest of my community. This will help me continue to provide for my sons’ needs for many years to come.” Adriana’s dream

Their project

A business for the whole community

We’re working together with our Ecuadorian partners from Artizan International, to ensure this project supports Adolfo, Adriana and four fellow artisans in the best way possible and that the impact of good business will be felt across their community.

We’ll be working closely with our partners to:

  • Fund four months of specialised crafts training for six men and women with disabilities
  • Provide all the tools needed to set up their home workshops
  • Purchase a set amount of work from each artisan every month to ensure their regular income.
Adriana and her fellow artisans

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