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Viviana's Spark

Living a new life beyond sexual exploitation

Although the celebration of Easter has passed, the stories we hear from our partners constantly remind us of the incredible hope and new life that Jesus has given to all those who follow Him.

This is the story of Viviana. How a small investment from dedicated supporters like you helped her set up a baking business and build a new life for herself and her family.

Viviana's story

Viviana lives in the city of El Alto, Bolivia, along with her three children. As a little girl, she learnt how to bake. However, she had forgotten the joy of creating tasty treats and sharing them with loved ones.

This was because Viviana carried a difficult secret: that she was being sexually exploited and couldn't see a way out.

For over two years she was trapped in exploitation.

Then during a visit to her local health clinic, she received an invitation to our partner's centre, The House of Hope. Little did she know that when she came to visit the centre her life was about to change.

With gentle care and support, Viviana began to slowly heal from her trauma. She rediscovered her worth. Hope blossomed in her heart.

Her past is not something Viviana talks about often. It's hard for her to revisit the dark place she was in. But one thing she has learnt is that the darkness of her past does not define her future.

During a baking class at the House of Hope, Viviana's memories came flooding back and she remembered how much she adored baking. Her passion was reignited and soon ideas and dreams started forming.

Viviana's plan was to set up a baking business and spread a little bit of joy in her community through her food. Thanks to supporters like you, we backed Viviana's plans, and with a Spark loan, she was able to buy the equipment she needed to get started.

Viviana setting up her baking business
“With the Spark funding, I was able to buy ingredients, a mixer, weighing scales, packaging for my cakes, and business cards. The support gave me confidence and determination too because I knew people were believing in me. It helped me to really go for it.”

Today, Viviana provides an array of cakes and treats for events. Her small business is steadily growing through word of mouth and social media.

Her business has also opened up other opportunities for Viviana. She was invited by our partners to run a baking workshop for women at the House of Hope, inspiring them to begin forming ideas and dreams to provide for themselves, just like she did.

“I was nervous because I didn't think I could teach other women, but I surprised myself and it helped that the staff trusted me,” says Viviana.

Viviana's future is now bright with possibility, she has a regular income to support her family and she is well on the way to living a sustainable livelihood - where she no longer needs us!

Will you be the spark for a mother like Viviana to help her build a new life beyond sexual exploitation?

To protect her identity, we have changed her name

Viviana providing cakes for an event

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The individuals we support in overlooked communities, who have overcome barriers in their lives or are healing from challenging pasts, want to build a new life. But despite making amazing progress in unlocking their potential, they are at risk of returning to their past situation. Without pathways into productive work, they are vulnerable to losing their progress.

Our Spark Projects nurture the gifts God has given each individual and open opportunities for them to build a better life.

With our partners, we offer the tools, networks and mentorship they need to achieve their pathway into productive work and then they take the lead to put their plan into action.

Will you invest £35 in a budding entrepreneur? Individuals in overlooked communities are ready to provide for themselves by putting their plans into action, they just need you to back them. Will you be their spark?

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