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Kopila, who resides at the Grace Home in Nepal, is in her final year of studying for her college degree. Her day begins early, as she must leave at 5.30am for her first lesson at 6.30am. Her final year studies are harder, but she is applying herself industriously and hoping for good results in her next exams.

Kopila is an active member of the girls’ football team, regularly taking part in tournaments. Her great strength comes from her faith, and she says:

“Jesus is the way-maker for me. I start each day with a first prayer to God”.

She is also a regular church attendee, enjoys her role as a Sunday School teacher and is a committee member at the Youth Fellowship. She says: “I am very thankful to God because I get these opportunities… I want to give you thanks from my heart, and I am also praying for you and your family.”

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