Freek's Story

Read about how our partners helped Freek to transform himself, leaving behind a life marred by drugs.

In Worcester, South Africa, we support a community of men to leave behind lives blighted by drugs, alcohol and association with street gangs. Our project helps them to heal, to modify their behaviour and to discover their true value in Christ, while simultaneously acquiring the necessary skills to access meaningful employment.

Freek is a married man and a father of three, but he used drugs as an escape. Counselling provided through our project has helped him to handle this much better, much improving the relationship with his wife and children. 

Six months spent in our programme have seen many changes in Freek, and he is now recognised as being very hard-working, dedicated and respectful to everyone. Having graduated successfully from the programme, he has now progressed to work with two others on a start-up catering business, called Bro’s Food Truck. This is going well, and Freek is also taking cooking classes to increase his skillset. And he loves his work!


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