Erik and Frixon’s stories

Hear more about Erik and Frixon, two of the Adept Artisans of Ecuador.

Project Possible and our partners in Ecuador are working with a group of people with disabilities, providing them with artisan craft skills so they can set up home-based micro enterprises as well as a supportive community. It has been a challenging time for all over the last 12 months as the pandemic meant that the artisans had to remain at home and continue their training through online classes and video.

Erik got involved in the project through another artisan as they played wheelchair basketball together. He has an accident while a young boy, which led to his disability. He loves the classes and is developing his paper making and card making skills. Erik sees this as a way of becoming ‘more independent’ and being able to earn himself a living.

Frixon also joined the project in 2020. He lives with his mum, who has her own little enterprise selling chips outside her home everyday. He is hoping that the craft skills he is learning will help him contribute to the family’s income and become more independent. 

Like many of the artisans he is also keen to develop a network of close friends which the community of artisans provides.

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