Bridging the language gap

Despite being excluded because of the language they speak, rural villages are overcoming linguistic barriers to provide an education for their children.

Tucked away amongst the dense forests and undulating hills of India’s Koraput District, small villages are paving a new path for their children’s future.

In the past, children from these communities faced challenges when it came to getting an education because classes were taught in a language unfamiliar to them.

Now, thanks to your support and with the introduction of multi-lingual schools, they are finally able to unlock their academic potential.

Our partner, Asha Kiran Society, works with parents and village leaders to bring a life-changing curriculum that teaches children in their mother tongue. As they progress, state and national languages are gradually introduced.

Alongside the schools, our partner encourages collaboration with village members to ignite community mobilisation. Keep reading to see how Sushil and others are building a brighter future for generations to come.

A dream for his community

Sushil has lived all his life in a small village called Durla. For as long as he can remember, he has cared for the welfare of others in his community. He could see the potential of the village and wanted the next generation to have a better future. However, without the skills or opportunities to make improvements, there were times when he was unsure the community would ever really change.

A school sparks change

Several years ago, Asha Kiran Society set up a multi-lingual school in Durla. People in the village were trained up as teachers and they began running lessons in the local language. As the school grew, more and

more children were learning how to read and write and were getting further and further in their education. Seeing these first embers of change, Sushil jumped at the chance of supporting the school by volunteering in the village education committee.

Innovative Ideas

In this past year, your support enabled Sushil to train in community mobilising. He learnt how to bring village members together and encourage teamwork so they could support their school. The training unlocked his potential. With Sushil’s efforts and ideas he helped the village education committee to find innovative ways to generate funds.

One of his ideas was to sell guava leaves. Through his contacts he had heard of a local company looking for organically grown guava leaves. Sushil brought this to the committee and organised a group of residents and parents from the school to help collect leaves. They then sold the produce to the company earning some funds to support the school!

A village full of hope

Today, Sushil is a change maker in his community. Not only that, his dream of seeing his village step into its potential is becoming a reality. This is one example of the impact of your support in the Koraput District, India. Villages like Durla are now able to realise their God-given potential and create a hope-filled future for their children. Thank you. You are truly making a difference in these communities.

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