Anne's Spark

When Anne’s eldest child, Cynthia, received life-changing surgery from our partners, Dreamland Mission Hospital, it completely changed their lives. Cynthia could walk freely for the first time and Anne was delighted that her daughter was no longer in pain.

Following the surgery, Anne continued to work where she could, mostly cleaning homes and relying on her brothers to care for her children.

But then she had an idea.

Anne (far left) in her new grocery shop.

During a visit to the bustling market near her home, Anne noticed that no shops were selling everyday household items. She saw an opportunity and all she needed was start-up capital.

With the help of Spark funding and training at Dreamland Mission Hospital, Anne was able to bring her idea to life. She quickly diversified her product range and had a vision of becoming the go-to shop in the market. This paid off, and Anne was able to use the profits to pay Cynthia’s school fees.

"When I think of where we have come from, I am just amazed, thank you for supporting me."

Anne’s success has motivated her to continue building her business and save diligently. She hopes to buy a plot of land soon, which will be a big step towards greater security for her family.

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