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The Next Generation Community in Santo Domingo

Location: Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Partner: Artizan International

There are more than 2.5 million people with disabilities in Ecuador, and more often than not, they are stigmatised, underestimated and living in poverty. Opportunities for education and vocational training are few, so finding dignified work is hard. Supporting a family is virtually impossible. But disability does not mean inability. This community is full of resilience, ingenuity and drive and with the right support, people with disabilities can thrive.

Our local partners delivering artisan training

Their story

Seeing past their disability

People look at us, see our disability and write us off. We’re among the most vulnerable and least supported people in society – and often we’re desperately poor.

But we have determination, grit and remarkable potential. With the same opportunities as anyone else – education, training and work – we can support our families and lift ourselves out of poverty.

We just need someone to invest in us and release the possibilities. Someone to give us a chance. That’s all; we can do the rest.

Limber and his children

Their project

Open a world of possibility

Your monthly gifts will take a disabled person through a life-changing process of training and support, over a period of three years:

  • Craftsmanship training. Six people with disabilities join our intensive four-month training course. They are taught to make high quality paper using peoplnd banana leaves. They learn screen-printing and lino-printing, and start making unique Ecuadorian cards.
  • Create a home workshop. After graduating, participants receive materials and tools to set up their own craft workshop at home. They launch a small business selling cards.
  • Business support. Our partners buy cards from each artisan to help them establish the business and a regular income. Once the enterprise is up and running, we invite the disabled person to advanced courses to grow their skills and expand their product range.
Learning to make paper from scratch

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