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Next Generation Community in N’Djamena

Location: N’Djamena, Chad

Partner: FEEEJ

Young people in Chad can work hard at school. They can earn excellent degrees. But thanks to soaring unemployment rates, the chance of securing paid work is scarily low. Over 75,000 graduates in Chad are unemployed. But Project Possible believes that young people in Chad should not feel hopeless.

Our partners are providing 14-24 year olds with training activities and programmes to encourage them away from unhealthy pastimes and instead to dream big and realise their remarkable potential.

The streets of N'Djamena

Their story

Young people turning their own tide on poverty

Axel is 25 years-old. He has a degree in Geography and yet paid employment seemed impossible. Until one day he joined Project Possible's training workshop on entrepreneurship. Suddenly a whole new world of opportunities opened to Axel.

“I realised I could pursue my own entrepreneurial project,” explains Axel. “I’ve set up a small business selling shirts. I’m thankful for the inspiration I received at the camp and the further training and support I have received at the centre to set up my business.”

There are many young people, like Axel, who can make lasting change from small beginnings. They just need to realise their poverty-fighting venture.

Axel making his own future possible

Their project

Open a world of possibility

Your monthly gift will support one of 100 young people over 12 months as they attend discipleship and leadership events, vocational training workshops and language courses.

This support is crucial, providing the mentoring and friendship to help young people focus on their future and not give in to the pressure of alcohol, early marriage and teen pregnancies.

Finding hope and possibility

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