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Cataract surgery

Location: Kimilili

Partner: Dreamland Mission Hospital

Restoring the dignity and independence of an elderly person living with blindness


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Surgery has enabled Antonina to work on her farm and care for her family again

Antonina's story

Cataract surgery

One of Antonina’s greatest joys in life is looking after her four grandchildren and as is common in rural areas of Kenya, she plays a vital role in bringing up the children. So when she went blind, it had a drastic effect on her happiness and the family’s ability to manage.

When she was brought to Dreamland Mission Hospital, Antonina had to be guided everywhere by the hand. She told our partners how much she needed to see again, so she could look after the children and work on her farm, where she plants maize and does some poultry farming. The thought of not seeing her grandchildren grow was unbearable.

With simple surgery, her eyesight has improved so she can resume caring for her grandchildren. She was also able to plant seed at her farm just in time for the planting season. With a big smile on her face Antonina shared “I can’t imagine what would have happened without eye surgery. God bless you!”

£60 provides an elderly person in Kenya with cataracts surgery so they can work and provide for their families

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