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A safe place

Location: El Alto

Partner: Word Made Flesh

Providing nurturing support and tutoring for children from difficult backgrounds.


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Vulnerable to exploitation, children in El Alto, Bolivia, find a safe place at The House of Hope.

Angela's story

A safe place

At our partner’s House of Hope centre in El Alto, Bolivia, children of mothers who have worked in prostitution find nurturing and hands-on support. Vulnerable to exploitation themselves, these children need our centre as a safe place for them to learn and grow.

We support activities for small children through to teenagers. Seven year old Angela has known deep heartache and rejection in her short life. For years her father was in prison, but when he came out, he didn’t want to see Angela anymore - only her brothers. She doesn’t understand why he won’t see her and suffers with the painful rejection. By attending the centre, Angela’s story is beginning to shift. Through regular contact with children’s workers, Angela is showing signs of healing and building resilience for the future. She has begun to learn to read and loves it!

£50 would support two children in Bolivia to receive nurturing support and tutoring during termtime

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