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A family reunion

Location: Mombasa

Partner: Glad's House

Enabling one of our social workers to connect an imprisoned teenager with their family after release.


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Our partners’ social workers help imprisoned children plan for when they are released

Sam's story

A family reunion

We believe that every individual we work with has value and is seen by God. Our partners will often go the distance to help those we work with discover new possibilities in their lives.

In Mombasa, Kenya, we support children in prisons and juvenile centres. Many have run away from challenging home lives, hoping that life in ‘the big city’ might be better. Sadly they face years living on the streets and in constant fear of police round-ups leading to prison time.

Our partners’ social workers help imprisoned children plan for when they are released. They literally go the extra mile, travelling across the country to find family members and begin the process of re-connecting. “We often feel like detectives” says Luke, one of the social workers.

Sam hadn’t seen his family for over two years. His family lived in a remote part of the country and Luke had to travel on a motor taxi to reach the place. Sam shared that his father worked as a cobbler so on reaching the village, Luke began searching for local cobblers, eventually finding him. Sam’s father was overjoyed to receive the news that his son was alive and Sam hopes to reconcile with his father so he can return home.

£100 enables a social worker to make home visits and reconnect children to their families

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